The Anatomy of a Lie

The Happiness Paradigm

I rarely lie. I wish I could say I don’t. But societal norms and the value of tact mean that sometimes I feel compelled to water down the truth or deliver a fallacious statement in the preservation of decency and sometimes polite acquaintance. But my family and my friends and my partner know that I do not lie to them – much to their consternation at times. I don’t see the purpose of lying. I prefer to face the immediate consequences of honesty rather than the long term mental, emotional, and spiritual degeneration that comes from lying. I have no fear of conflict. The truth, no matter how harsh or inconvenient, can be delivered with kindness and love. When I’m presented with a situation where I know I can be dishonest or disingenuous and maybe even get away with it, I can hear my Mother’s voice in my head reciting

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