Round the World (Germany – Mexico – United States – China – United Kingdom – Germany) for €971 !!

Up! Up!Away&Away!


Today I finally plan to start my section of Travel deals which I have been really thinking for some time! I have a real crazy passion of finding the best travel deals online and in these series, I will be posting the ongoing best hidden deals one could possibly find anywhere around the world. So, today, I will share the first mini- RTW (Round the world) travel deal consisting total of 5 countries!


Although, this deal particularly starts from Europe, but one could anytime use the same route & can start the planning from different country which will again end up giving you approximately same price, so this amazing deal can be useful for all the people around the world!

  • Cologne (Germany) – Cancun (Mexico) : €220

Date : 15th March, 2017

Airlines : Eurowings

Booking Website : Directly with Airlines


Pros : Cheap fare, Direct flight, shortest traveling time…

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